Welcome to Prim Peony Event Co

Let us take care of your entire day, from the beginning planning stages to the minute you say I do!

Photo credit to Natalie Rose Photography

Our property resides on a 3.5 acre plot of land, 500 metres from Lake Erie. We are situated approximately 35 minutes from London, 25 minutes from St.Thomas and 45 minutes from Chatham.

The barn and property go back about 180 years, where it was a typical farm stead that housed cattle, horses, chickens and so much more. Other than the beautiful barn, the biggest draw to the property for Samantha and Thomas are the two large garden beds. We have meticulously planted our favourite vegetables, herbs and fruits that we use in our personal cooking, but more importantly in all of the food prepared for events at Prim Peony.

Photo credit to Natalie Rose Photography

Prim Peony was named after the amazing gardens here on the property. Peony in fact symbolizes romance, prosperity, good fortune, a happy marriage, honor and compassion. This is something we stand by as a couple and hope to bring into your new loving relationship.

We understand how much your special day means as we too, are getting married on our property. Not only are we ensuring our space is perfect for you, but with saying that we also want everything to be picturesque and exactly as we have dreamt. The ability to customize our event to exactly what we wanted when looking at wedding venues was something we struggled with. This is why we decided to take this venture in opening Prim Peony.

Here at Prim you have the ability to customize everything you would like.

With our on site kitchen, our sister company The In Home Chef will be the exclusive catering team who will work with you to bring your vision to reality.

If you are looking for the ideal spot for your special day, fall in love with our property as we did and let your event blossom with us!

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